Services we offer

We consult managers and founders with a new-age (that’s why we call ourselves “newstream”) advisory system where we give tremendous amount of time to understand the business and the industry as a whole and then providing simple¬† and innovative solutions to their financial problems.

Fundraising and project financing

We support start-ups in approaching venture capital investors and conclude a fundraising round as well as operating companies in approaching banks to finance their investments.

Interim or Fractional CFO service

We provide a comprehensive CFO support to your company including financial planning, investor relations, admin & financial management, fundraising logistics

M&A support

We offer a comprehensive M&A service including intermediating between sellers and buyers and managing the transaction process.

DUE diligence

We complete financial and tax due diligence for M&A transactions or financing deals.

Company valuation

We determine the value of the Company with Discounted Cash Flow, Multiple, Asset-value based and other methods.

Strategic financial advisory

We validate business cases for business owners and banks to evaluate and mitigate the risks of loan financing.

Fractional CFO Service

Our value proposition

A growth phase can be both exciting and challenging for startups. On the financial management front, the key challenge is managing an operational and organizational scale-up smoothly while satisfying investors at the same time. Our fractional CFO service is customized to investor expectations and employs international standards to make you comfortable as an investor while helping portfolio companies navigate through scale-up challenges.

Benefits of hiring us

  • 20+ years of experience & expertise in financial management, advisory, and investments
  • Flexibility to provide specific fund-level and company-level services on a regular or need basis
  • 30% more cost-effective than hiring a finance and admin team on the payroll in each portfolio company

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